Miswak 5-pack


5 Vacuum-sealed, freshly sourced miswaks with bilingual branding.

5 Vacuum-sealed, freshly sourced miswaks with bilingual branding.

The miswak is the oldest natural toothbrush, cut from the branches and roots of the Salvadora Persica tree. It is known for its natural antibacterial properties that help clean and whiten teeth, and even fight plaque.


PEEL: Peel about 1 cm of the outer layer of the miswak to reveal the inner bristles.

SEPARATE : Chew on the tip of the miswak to soften the bristles. You can also use your thumb to separate them.

BRUSH: Holding the miswak perpendicular to your mouth, brush your teeth in a circular motion. Allow the bristles between the gaps of the teeth for a good floss.

CUT: When the tip of your miswak gets dry, use a knife to cut the tip off. Repeat the first step when you’re ready to use it again. We recommend cutting the tip off once a day.


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