Royal Miswak Single Piece

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"Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said "Miswak is a means of the purification of your mouths and the pleasure of your Rabb (Lord). "

Masterfully Cultivated : Irrigated by pristine mountain rivers, on a bed of mineral rich soil, at the perfect elevation, every one of our miswak has been cultivated under the most exceptional natural conditions. Hand-selected by master artisans, our miswak are refined through a natural aging process which enhances its unique properties. Only the finest olive miswak make it to our collection.

-  Unique and pleasant bitter-sweets taste
-  Comes encased in an elegant aluminium tube
-  Natural aroma similar to a wooden musk
-  Long Lasting and Doesn't break easily
-  Every miswak has been hand-selected
-  Dark and firm exterior with soft white bristles

Miswak Royale is made from the olive tree - which holds an esteemed status in Arabian heritage. Whether it is its oil, fruit, or miswak, it is said that everything originating from this sacred tree is blessed. Is it only wonder that Miswak Royale exhibits the most remarkable properties, such as unique Flavor, alluring aroma and intricate texture of the miswaks.

Cultivated from the finest olive trees in the rich valleys of Kashmir, Miswak Royale is the world’s first luxury Miswak. Every miswak has been hand selected and expertly cured by the finest artisans in the industry and comes encased in an elegant & gold tube, inside a gift box - a miswak fit for a king.

Miswak Royale is an excellent gift for your friends, family and loved onces. Let them know how special they are by giving them a gift from Arabian Culture.

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  • Manufacturer: Royal Miswak

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