Miswak / Sugi

What is Miswak?

The Miswak is an ancient Arabian toothbrush which can be made from the roots of various trees. For thousands of years, the miswak has held an esteemed status in Islamic culture due to its incredible purifying properties which include its ability to whiten the teeth, strengthen the gums, and remove bad breath. In face, there are so many medicinal benefits of using the miswak that some have nicknamed it the miracle brush.

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Miswak 5-pack

5 Vacuum-sealed, freshly sourced miswaks with bilingual branding. 

The miswak is the oldest natural toothbrush, cut from the branches and roots of the Salvadora Persica tree. It is known for its natural antibacterial properties that help clean and whiten teeth, and even fight plaque. 


PEEL: Peel about 1 cm of the outer layer of the miswak to reveal the inner bristles. 

SEPARATE : Chew on the tip of the miswak to soften the bristles. You can also use your thumb to separate them. 

BRUSH: Holding the miswak perpendicular to your mouth, brush your teeth in a circular motion. Allow the bristles between the gaps of the teeth for a good floss.

CUT: When the tip of your miswak gets dry, use a knife to cut the tip off. Repeat the first step when you're ready to use it again. We recommend cutting the tip off once a day. 

MIswak Al-Haramain
Siwak Al-Haramain berasal dari Saudi Arabia. Dituai dari pokok Arak liar yg terdapat di sekitar Madinah, Mekah, Riyadh dan Jeddah. Akar pokok Arak yang dituai berusia diantara 2-3 tahun bagi mendapatkan kehalusan dan kelembutan akar yang optimum.

Ianya bukan dari Pakistan atau hanya dicop “Produced in Saudi Arabia” pada plastik pembalut bagi mengelirukan pengguna.
Kayu Sugi dan Kesihatan Mulut Menurut Perspektif Islam dan Sains Pergigian
Buku ini mengemukakan konsep asas dalam penjagaan kesihatan mulut. Beberapa persoalan kayu sugi seperti sejarah penggunaan, keistimewaan dan hukum penggunaannya dikupas berpandukan perspektif Islam dan Sains Pergigian. Penulis juga telah mengemukakan pandangan ulama kontemporari berkaitan penggunaan kayu sugi dalam amalan penjagaan kesihatan mulut. Buku ini amat sesuai untuk para pelajar, pendidik, penyelidik dalam bidang Pergigian dan Pengajian Islam serta orang awam yang berminat dengan penjagaan kesihatan gigi dan mulut.
Miswak Al Khair with Holder

Miswak extracted from Salvadora persica tree (known as arāk, in Arabic, Peelu in urdu).

The Miswak, also known as sewak, is nature’s own toothbrush and has been used for centuries in Middle Eastern & African societies as a natural method for cleaning teeth. It has been recommended by World Health Organization for its dental hygiene benefits. AL Khair, one of the pioneers in Miswak packaging, brings to you hygienically packed Miswak helping you to whiten your teeth, strengthen your gums, eliminate bad odor and leave your mouth feeling fresh, Naturally!

  • 36 Natural miswaks in practical, plastic pen shaped holders
  • Freshly harvested premium miswaks vacum packed to maintain freshness!
  • It is an organic product. Natural way of brushing teeth. Requires no toothpaste. Kills bad odour. Requires no toothpaste.
  • Miswak holder is designed to: Maintain optimal level of moisture, Keep miswaks fresh for longer periods, prevent miswaks from mould, portability (carry like a pen in your pocket)
Royal Miswak Box of Five (Box of 5)
The Box of Five contains 5 pieces of Royal Miswak which comes in one gorgeous gift box. This option is ideal if you're looking for a unique gift for someone special or for a small family. If you're a miswak connoisseur, then why not get a Box of Five for your own private collection!
  • Premium Quality
  • Hand Selected
  • Dry Aged
  • Chemical Free

Royal Miswak Single Piece (Single Piece)
"Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said "Miswak is a means of the purification of your mouths and the pleasure of your Rabb (Lord). "

Masterfully Cultivated : Irrigated by pristine mountain rivers, on a bed of mineral rich soil, at the perfect elevation, every one of our miswak has been cultivated under the most exceptional natural conditions. Hand-selected by master artisans, our miswak are refined through a natural aging process which enhances its unique properties. Only the finest olive miswak make it to our collection.

-  Unique and pleasant bitter-sweets taste
-  Comes encased in an elegant aluminium tube
-  Natural aroma similar to a wooden musk
-  Long Lasting and Doesn't break easily
-  Every miswak has been hand-selected
-  Dark and firm exterior with soft white bristles

Miswak Royale is made from the olive tree - which holds an esteemed status in Arabian heritage. Whether it is its oil, fruit, or miswak, it is said that everything originating from this sacred tree is blessed. Is it only wonder that Miswak Royale exhibits the most remarkable properties, such as unique Flavor, alluring aroma and intricate texture of the miswaks.

Cultivated from the finest olive trees in the rich valleys of Kashmir, Miswak Royale is the world’s first luxury Miswak. Every miswak has been hand selected and expertly cured by the finest artisans in the industry and comes encased in an elegant & gold tube, inside a gift box - a miswak fit for a king.

Miswak Royale is an excellent gift for your friends, family and loved onces. Let them know how special they are by giving them a gift from Arabian Culture.

Royal Miswak Single Sleeve (Single Sleeve)

The Single Sleeve contains 1 piece of Royal Miswak which comes encased in our signature black and gold tube and sealed within a sleeve. This option is ideal if you're looking for a single serving without a gift box.If you want to try Royal Miswak for the first time or want to refill your current supply, why not try our Royal Miswak Single Sleeve?

Royal Miswak is made from the olive tree - which holds an esteemed status in Islam. Whether it is its oil, fruit, or miswak, it is said that everything originating from this sacred tree is blessed. Is it any wonder that Royal Miswak exhibits the most remarkable properties?

Unique Flavor
Described as bitter-sweet with a wooden aftertaste, Royal Miswak attains its sophisticated flavor from the mineral rich soil on which it grows. 

Alluring Aroma
Royal Miswak naturally emits an alluring aroma which can only be described as the sublime wooden fragrance of the Afghan valleys.

Intricate Texture
Simple yet complex, the distinctively dark and intricate textures of the olive tree make Royal Miswak stand out as a beautiful piece of art.

THIS Toothbrush Starter Kit | Miswak Holder, Cutter Case, and 2 Miswaks


Over the years, dental researchers and medical publications have studied the natural antibacterial properties found in the miswak,which is extracted from the roots and branches of a very particular tree called the Salvadora Persica, or Arak tree.Several of thesestudies reveal that when used correctly, the miswak can have a positive impact on your oral hygiene through:

✔ Plaque reduction
✔ Teeth whitening
✔ Fighting bad odor
✔ Killing bacteria
✔ Increasing salivation
✔ Helping with nicotine addiction

The Salvadora Persica has also been noted to carry natural remedies in its berries and leaves, in addition to its roots and branches.
The Salvadora Persica has also been noted to carry natural remedies in its berries and leaves, in addition to its roots and branches.In 2008, the World Health Organization recommended the miswak as a healthy alternative to the toothbrush.


If you've never used the miswak before, it's normal to be skeptical of its natural benefits.Even if you don't replace your toothbrush
entirely, using the miswak as a complimentary method of oral hygiene can have significant effects on your health and on the environment.

Not only is the miswak more affordable and environmentally friendly, its portability and self-cleansing outer layer ensures a cleaner
and more frequent brush

Each package includes:
✔ 2 Miswaks
✔ 1 Cutter Case
✔ 1 Instruction manual

** Import from DUBAI **

Miswak Gift pack Al-Khair- 4 Miswaks

Al-Khair Miswak GIft Pack:  4 miswaks & 1 Holder! 

Natural miswak with a practical, plastic pen shaped holder. The holder is designed to:

  • Maintain optimal level of moisture
  • Keep your miswak fresh for longer periods
  • Prevent miswaks from mould
  • Keeps pockets clean
  • Easy to carry
Nature has provided us with a wonderful solution to effectively and safely maintain oral hygiene. Al-Khair Miswak  is the root of the Peelu tree (Salvadora Persica) known in Arabic as Arak Research indicates that Miswak suppresses decay causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits.
Miswak is a natural chewing stick taken from the roots of Slavadora Persica (also known as Arak Tree). The simple name of Arak Tree in Urdu is Peelu. Our Al-Khair Miswaak is used as a teeth whitener and besides teeth whitening and brushing; it also has many antibacterial benefits. In short, it provides TOTAL ORAL CARE SOLUTION.  Approximately 6" inches. Vacum packed (blue).
Why use Miswak / Sewak instead of a toothbrush

Scientifically as well, it has been proven that Miswak is very good for gums maintenance and it kills bad odour, overall, it improves your taste buds and makes your teeth whiter. Research also indicates that Miswak suppresses decay-causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits.

  1. Natural way of brushing teeth.
  2. It is an organic product.
  3. Keep you safe against all teeth diseases.
  4. Kills bad odour.
  5. Requires no toothpaste.
  6. Easy to carry around.
  7. It has no harmful side-effects.
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