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Rain Argan Care - Hand & Body Cream 200ml

With its highly vitamin E and fatty acid content ,this body lotion keeps the skin hydrated and soft.It absorbs easily and it is non greasy .It is suitable for all types of skin.

d'Olive Body Butter

✔Feel The Perfect Harmony of Olive Oil & Shea Oil On Your Skin

✔Peg-Free + Silicon Free + Rapid Absorption Formula 250 ml / 8.45 fl. oz


✔Dermatologically Tested by Derma Consult GmbH


Oil Olive Body Butter


We created our Body Butter for you with 70 years experience in producing 100% olive oil soaps guaranteed by Dalan quality. Enriched by Shea Butter and Aegean olive oil with silicon free and peg free formula with natural oils help to strengthen, rejuvenate, soften and give a silk like feel to your skin. The vitamin E and anti-oxidants contained in olive oil protect your skin from the effects of external factors. Dermatologically tested, approved and recommended for use on sensitive skin. Feel the fresh scent and the healthy glow of Aegean miracle of nature on your skin.

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d'Olive hand and Body Lotion

✔Krim Minyak Zaitun untuk tangan dan badan mengandungi vitamin E yang tinggi dan antioksidan melembutkan dan melindungi kulit anda daripada faktor faktor luaran yang boleh menyebabkan kekeringan.

✔Ia boleh digunakan untuk kulit sensitif.

✔Krim tangan &badan juga melembabkan kulit dan memberikan kelegaan kepada kulit kering.

✔Produk dari Turkey

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